Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter Mushrooms Now Available

Some of the most versatile and unique wild mushrooms only fruit in the winter months. Two of these are yelllowfoot chanterelles and hedgehogs. There are a couple of hedgehog varieties native to the west coast, hydnum umbilicatum and hydnum repandumHedgehog mushrooms have a dense mushroom texture with an earthy, nutty, mild "sweet chanterelle" like flavor. In fact, many chefs and chanterelle fans actually prefer hedgehogs to the white or gold chanterelles. In terms of cooking suggestions, a quick saute with your favorite herbs, oil, and white wine will always work, but here are some other ideas.
Hedgehogs Hydnum Umbilicatum
"Sweet Tooth" Hedgehogs (hedgehogs on steroids) Hydnum repandum

Yellowfoot Chanterelles, also know as winter chanterelles. They have an earthy, mild fruity flavor with a delicate texture. These mushrooms work great in stir fry recipes with herbs, sauces, and vegetables, or on top of a nice piece of steak.

These mushrooms will not be around for long, so in the Spokane/CDA area please contact me to place your order today!


  1. How do I contact you to place an order tomorrow?

  2. I would like to place an order, how do I contact you?


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