Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2017 Morel Burn Site Foray

Join me on the 2017 morel burn site foray! Learn an invaluable skill: how to track and identify morel mushrooms every spring at the forest fires. The foray will be held Sunday, May 21st. Spots are limited, so signup today. Hope to see you there. Happy hunting!

The truffle orchards of Northern California

Amazing progress has been made in Northern California in the field of truffle cultivation. Pictured here is a Perigord truffle native to Europe that was successfully grown and harvested in a winery's orchard of hazelnut and white oak. Inoculated tree saplings were planted and it has been several years in the making and farmers are now beginning to see the fruits of their labor. 

San Francisco Chronicle: Ground-breaking truffle harvest portends something big in California

Edible Spring Flowers

One of the most popular trends in foraging of late has been the use of wildflowers in cuisine. Here are just a few of them. Once you begin to look at flowers as edible, it opens up a whole new outlet for nature exploration.


Grape Hyacinth

Oregon Grape Flower

Cherry Blossoms

White Clover

Red Clover