Thursday, January 2, 2014

Morel scouting 2014: Summer Wildfires

Large forest fires are one of the best ways to find lots of morels. Find a wildfire near you and head out to find morels in the Spring. Here in the Spokane/Post Falls/Couer D'Alene area (1900-2200 ft elevation), morels typically begin fruiting sometime in the second or third week of April. However, most other parts of the country begin finding morels much earlier.

Burn morels often grow in multi-headed clusters, like this one.
The link below is to a database of all recent wildfires. Find one near you and check it out in the Spring. A fire from the previous summer is always best, but any burn up to 4 or 5 years old should also be productive. Just make sure that the fire was timber, not grass or brush. Hit that spot at the right time in the Spring and keep your eyes peeled. Burn morels are black morels and can be VERY difficult to spot. Good Luck!!!

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