Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall mushroom roundup: Chanterelles

The chanterelle crop was, in a word, AMAZING this year. Our LONG, DRY summer left forest floors aching for precipitation. Once the temps dropped around the middle of September, the morning dew was enough to spark them. Then, once the rains hit, chanterelle EXPLOSION!!! 10-20 pounds/day during the first days of November were commonplace.

Picture-perfect North Idaho white chanterelle.
Two BEAUTIFUL white chanterelles fruiting. Note the white mycellium spreading below the mushroom on the forest floor.
Jill has spotted a chanterelle. Can you find it???
It's right next to her foot! Chanterelles are often completely hidden by pine needles, moss, twigs, and other debris.

5 pounds of freshly harvested North Idaho chanterelles. Chanterelles can be found in second-cut douglas fir/evergreen/cedar forests. Happy hunting!!!

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