Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wild Summer Berries

I am often asked about different varieties of berries when picking huckleberries with friends. I wanted to share some of the "other" berries that can be enjoyed from the wild.

Thimbleberries. Abundant and easy to identify by their large leaves, thimbleberries are like a very tart raspberry. They do not hold their form well when picked, but they make the best jam you might ever taste. I have fond memories as a child when I would eat them by the handful at the lake.

Service Berries/June Berries. These berries are also easy to identify. They grow on trees and taste  like a mild blueberry. They make an excellent jam or put some in your applesauce or yogurt for a nice summer treat.

Blackcap Raspberries. My absolute favorite berry. Huckleberry lovers NEED to give this one a fair chance. Wild  mountain raspberries are undervalued due to the easy cultivation of American Red Raspberries. However, the flavor of the wild blackcap raspberry is truly unmatched by ANY other fruit or berry.

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