Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Genesis

For a number of years I have been an avid huckleberry picker. Ever since me and the boys went for a weekend venture to find the elusive berry I have been hooked. We returned year after year, but things eventually change and our yearly expedition slowly fizzled. My passion for picking, however, most certainly did not. Picking mostly at Priest Lake these days as The “P” cabin is a pickers heaven… fact, it’s heaven period.  Those that know this blessed place know this already and those who have no idea as to what I write of are missing a true slice of heaven. But berries are found in abundance and can often grow to the size of blueberries. NO JOKE. So my love of picking has never ceased. But something has changed. And that is my discovery of the beautiful world of fungus that also calls Priest Lake home.
Now don’t get me wrong……I NEED my huckleberries. But something is different at the end of this winter, 2010. It’s usually around this time (with the Super Bowl over and  March Madness will soon be in the rear view as well) when I annually look forward to picking the tart treats.  And I most certainly can’t wait until those bright skied days rapidly approach. But in the meantime, I have developed a new passion. A passion that has me *seriously* questioning my faithfulness to harvesting berries. This passion, as you may know, is foraging for wild mushrooms. And, come to find out, the Priest Lake area is LOADED with unique fungal specimens. Jill and I are now hunters, but we don’t carry guns. We carry gunny SACKS…SACKS LOADED DOWN WITH GOURMET MUSHROOMS!!! Instead of the tedious work of  picking  huckleberries hour after hour….the repetition can really wear on a picker….even the old timers will tell you that,  every time you “find” a mushroom, it’s like an enchanted discovery. It’s just plain awesome. And they are SO beautiful.  God’s kingdom is truly magical.
Although I will not share my exact locations, I do want to share some information in this blog. I am now the select mushroom and huckleberry picker for the Spokane Public Market opening in 4-5 days per week in May. I hope to meet you as I discover the path that my Lord has put in front of me. This is the foundation for my new independent business Gourmet Foragables and More. No one man is an island and there is no way this would be possible without my dearest Jill and our Savior above. This blog will be a reflection of the business' successes and failures and I hope others find it at least mildly amusing if nothing else. However, the beginning of a dialogue would truly be divine. I hope to see this in the future.
Things happen so rapidly in front of us that it is difficult to find time to reflect. I hope this blog finds a therapeutic role in me and for those who may chose to follow. I went from unemployed to running a business doing exactly what I love in life by simply following God’s calling. Glory be to God.  In closing are these empowering words: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


  1. Well written, Josh. Now I'm craving berries!

  2. Thanks Marissa! I always love connecting with fellow harvesters. I hope you enjoy the blog. My goal is to update it every Saturday and on an impromptu basis as things "pop up."

    Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. Good Luck Josh, Hope it turns out to be a big success.

  4. I'll make it happen. Plus it's what I love doing. And yes mom, I hope to that it turns out to be a big success. :)

  5. So excited for your new adventure Josh & glad to see that you give credit to both Jill & God! Smart Man! Excited to partner with you on The Customer Advantage & other marketing projects to help you get this off the ground - here is Jill's site to learn more about The Customer Advantage & how you can help other small businesses & non-profits in your market -

  6. Thanks so much Margie for the kind words! As always, Jill and I look forward to getting together with you and Daryl. Hope things are well on the homefront!


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