Monday, August 19, 2013

Chokecherries: Our Native Cherry Tree

Much like the crabapple, chokecherries are the only native variety of cherry in North America. Chokecherries are so incredibly tart that they might, in fact, "choke" you. The common name "chokecherry" actually stems from early pioneer times when many horses would actually choke and die after consuming them in large amounts.

Unlike red currants, chokecherries grow on trees. They also cluster quite differently.
I have noticed that chokecherry trees seem to be found in groupings along riverbanks. I have spotted them at several points along both the Spokane and Columbia River. Chokecherry trees typically produce a lot of fruit, and it is worth the time to gather them. They make an incredible jam and syrup, packed full of wild cherry flavor!

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