Monday, July 30, 2012

Huckleberry Report

My early spot was patchy at best this year. We didn't get nearly the berries from this early that we did this year. However, the green berries at higher elevations still look to be good and plentiful at spots like Mt. Spokane and Priest Lake. These locations are FINALLY beginning to ripen. In my experience, once the berries at Mt. Spokane are ready, all the other locations (like Lookout Pass, Avery, Wallace, etc.) are also done. Stay tuned for that update.

Our campground. If you see this tent in the woods you can be pretty certain that it's mine.

2 days of picking yielded only 3 gallons. Still very early. This  is generally what the berries looked like. A few ready, lots of other berries still ripening. 

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