Friday, April 15, 2011

Is Spring EVER gonna get here???

So I was just looking over some of my old posts. Apparently I had forcasted on the 31st of LAST month that it would be another "10-12 days" before morels would begin fruiting here in the Inland Northwest. If that were the case then I would be up to my eyeballs right now in mushrooms. Fact is, I haven't even gone out yet to SCOUT the morels. It seems as if Winter wants to hang on just a little bit longer this year. Frustrating for all of us for sure, but especially those of us who now depend on the weather to cooperate for us. I understand that Whitman county wheat farmers have still not begun Spring work.

HURRY UP AND GET HERE SPRING!!! You're late!!!! On the positive side of things, I am going to do some scouting in the Colville area this weekend...maybe we'll be the first to find them in Washington. Stay tuned...

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