Thursday, May 2, 2013

Priest River/Priest Lake Foray--Signup TODAY!

Please join us on June 2nd for a day of foraging and mushroom hunting through the beautiful forests of the Priest River/Priest Lake area in North Idaho. We will be hunting for morels, porcini, oyster, and coral mushrooms. We will also be foraging for fiddlehead ferns, stinging nettles, miner's lettuce, and other wild greens. Learn how to identify and hunt for the finest edibles that nature has to offer. Meet exciting new people, connect with your primal roots, and enjoy the bounty of the forest!

Morels and porcini found 5/26/13 AT THE ACTUAL FORAY SPOT!!!
Transportation to and from the event will not be provided. However, I will be facilitating carpools with the participants.We will be foraging between 2-4 different spots easily accessible along the Priest River/Priest Lake corridor. Pack snacks and a lunch, we will be enjoying a picnic (weather cooperating) in the forest! The event will be held rain-or-shine, sorry no refunds. So prepare for everything, bring rain gear and/or an umbrella, and we will fill our baskets with the finest that the forest has to offer!

We will be foraging for fiddlehead ferns, like this patch.

We will be hunting for coral mushrooms, like these beauties.

Boletus Edulius, AKA King Bolete, AKA Porcini

***Spots are limited and are first-come-first-serve. Reserve your spot today!*** 

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  1. The start of May looks to be VERY dry. My forecast is that once the Spring rains finally do hit in late May, the mushrooms (starved for precipitation) will fruit in abundance! And if it stays dry, we will still find plenty of nettles, fiddleheads, miner's lettuce, and other wild edibles. You don't want to miss this one!


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