Sunday, June 17, 2012

Any late morels this year???

I have two groups of pickers heading to Montana on the other side of Lookout Pass to find high elevation morels. Got a tip that 50 pounds plus was pulled out of that area so we're hoping to take advantage of that.

We are still waiting on two different burn sites. One is a fresh burn from last year outside of Lowman, ID. The elevation there is almost 7000 ft. The other is a burn from two years ago, the Davis fire outside of Lincoln, MT. We visited the Davis fire last year after July 4th as it is also a high elevation sight. Lowman will produce more morels since it is a fresh burn, but to access the burn we will have to hike at least 3 miles in rugged terrain. The Davis fire will have less morels (since it is now two years old) but is EASILY accessible via 4X4 trails.

The morel sightings report seems to confirm that natural morels are only being found at high elevations in our area. This is an excellent resource available to morel hunters where people post their finds with details relating to their hunt. Check it out!!!

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  1. A follow-up to this post. One of the two groups has already successfully harvested 14 pounds at a high-elevation Montana site, while the other group is still in the area hunting through Wednesday. Stay tuned morel fans!


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