Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our morels are now being sold at Huckleberry's Natural Market!!!

That's right!!! We were able to sell our mushrooms to a licensed and insured broker who, in turn, sells them back to Huckleberry's. He's working with us simply because we produce weight (far more than just a few pounds like most pickers) and because our morels are well kept.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the markup on the morels at Huckleberry's. The display will still show as seen below, but now the basket will at least be full of local, healthy morels. And furthermore, if you'd like to try some of our morels you can catch us at the South Perry Market (right now every Thursday) where you can score some for only $40/lb.

Huckleberry's Natural Market is selling out of morels, even at $61.99/lb

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