Sunday, April 15, 2012

Results of our first Spring scouting

Check out the footage on my YouTube Channel

Jill and I went out in the woods yesterday to see what, if anything, was starting to pop up. I have received a report from Riverside State Park (at the location of the upcoming April 21st foray) that fiddlehead ferns and miner's lettuce had been spotted. Deciding to leave this area alone in order to let it develop for the foray, Jill and I staked out a different location. We didn't find much. Despite the mild weather that we have been experiencing this Spring, only now are some of the wild edibles just beginning to pop up. Here is a short summary of the things we DID find:

  1. Still to early for fiddleheads, they are a couple weeks away at best. We found dead fern growth from last year, but no new fiddlehead growth.
  2. Nettles will be ready to cut in a week--Found several thick patches that were only 3-6" tall.
  3. Wild ramps are just starting to pop up. Still another few weeks before their bulbs fill out and can be dug out.
  4. Found miner's lettuce. However, the biggest leaf I found was about half the size of my pinky fingernail. Again, still too early. Still needs another few weeks.
Click the link above to check out my YouTube footage, see what we found.

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