Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morel season is over???? WHAT???

The hunt is getting harder, for sure. The morels are moving up into the mountains. No one else has morels, the price for fresh morels at Charlie's Produce has nearly doubled.

THANK GOODNESS FOR GOURMET FORAGABLES & MORE!!!! This week we are finding morels in the McCall, southern Idaho region. Furthermore, A Yakima burnsite is ALSO now fruiting, as are morels in the Omak region (although very sporadic). A VERY large forray is being held in that area this weekend. So we WILL have plenty of fresh morels AGAIN this weekend and we will keep our fingers crossed for next weekend.

Stay tuned morel mushroom fans!!! And we will see you again this weekend at the Spokane Public Market!!! More product to debut soon, maybe even this weekend.

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