Monday, May 16, 2011

Morel season is here!!!

Haven't blogged in awhile. Been out in the field hunting mushrooms. Essentially all the morels were found at the Spokane Valley View fire site. A few others from the Colville area although up north seems to be a bit behind schedule. The Oysters were an unexpected surprise and they were found at a burn site outside of Colville.

Other items I have harvested and will be for sale when we open up at the Spokane Public Market only 10 DAYS FROM NOW!!!!

Stinging Nettles--Fresh, dried, tincture. This wild superfood has more protien than any other known vegetable. Nettles are quickly replacing spinach and asparagus at kitchen tables across the country. Eastern medicine has used stinging nettles for thousands of years to treat anything from gaut to muscle aches and pains, or hay fever and seasonal allergies.

Wild Ramps--These are wild leeks that drive foodies MAD with their insanely short growing period. They are a cross between garlic and an onion and resemble a green onion of sorts. Wild Ramps will be available fresh and frozen. Very gourmet!!!

See you all very soon at the Grand Opening of The Spokane Public Market on May 26th!!!

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