Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Morel Hunt Continues...

So I think Dishman Hills area is tapped out for the year. Probably won't go back there except to dig wild ramps.

Riverside State Park is also on the way out. Headed out there this afternoon to see what we can find. If we can't find morels I know that the spring king boletes (porcini) mushrooms are now fruiting.

Priest River/Priest Lake is right on the cusp of massive fruiting. Found a little over a pound in a stretch right off the Highway 57 corridor but little else in the area over the course of the weekend. We are headed up again this weekend for the annual Spokane Mushroom Club forray!

Furthermore, the opening of the Market has again been pushed back to June 2nd due to continuing construction on 2nd avenue. This works out great for us. We hope to have plenty of fresh Priest Lake blonde morels for the grand opening.

Hope to see everyone very soon at the Spokane Public Market!!!

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  1. Glad to hear you're finding mushrooms! I've been finding them for the last couple weeks in the Chewelah area. It's been a great year.


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